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Hyperwave - 1 bit & sybling

By 5 ABY , Sinjir had formed a romantic relationship with the freelance New Republic slicer Conder Kyl . At the request of Princess Leia Organa , Sinjir and his companions also became involved in a quest to find the smuggler Han Solo and rescue the Wookiee co- pilot Chewbacca from Ashmead's Lock prison . Later, Sinjir, Jas, and Jom helped Han and Chewbacca to liberate the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk from Imperial rule. Sinjir then joined Norra and her team in hunting down Grand Admiral Rae Sloane , the alleged mastermind of the attack on Chandrila .

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Hyperwave - 1 Bit & SyblingHyperwave - 1 Bit & SyblingHyperwave - 1 Bit & SyblingHyperwave - 1 Bit & Sybling