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Escape velocity - human technologies

Photo: Forces are the power behind our world. Thump an object with a big enough force and it will accelerate to a very high speed. This prototype railgun uses giant electromagnets to accelerate missiles to speeds of around 2500 meters per second (~9100 km/h or 5640 mph). Photo courtesy of US Navy .

The spacecraft was a fusion powered rocket designed to transport miners to the asteroid belt. 1,250 miners per trip . And a cargo of 150 metric tons .

Geoffrey Moore's now-classic Crossing the Chasm became a must-read book by presenting an innovative framework to address the make-or-break obstacle facing all high-tech companies: how to gain market share from early adopters and from mainstream consumers. Now, Moore's Escape Velocity offers a pragmatic plan to engage the most critical challenge that established enterprises face in the twenty-first-century economy: how to move beyond past success and drive next-generation growth from new lines of business.

Escape Velocity - Human TechnologiesEscape Velocity - Human TechnologiesEscape Velocity - Human TechnologiesEscape Velocity - Human Technologies