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Monster magnet - see you in hell

Money Magnet Tip #2
Strengthen your Boundaries. I define boundaries as the courage to say “yes” to what you want and “no” to what you don’t want. You teach the universe how you want to be treated with every choice you make. Let go of what others think about you, and be true to yourself. Clear the clutter and energy drains in your life. Weak boundaries attract exploitation, resentment, and a sense of powerlessness. Strong boundaries build your self esteem, and they free you to focus on what is important to you. This is very attractive.

Beaker is a magnet for disaster; he routinely experiences mishaps such as being blown up, electrocuted, eaten by large monsters, or afflicted with awkward side effects caused by Dr. Bunsen Honeydew's experiments. Beaker communicates in a nervous, high-pitched squeak that sounds like "Mee-mee-mee mee". In books and merchandise, the sound is spelled "Meep". In The Muppet Movie he appeared to say something other than "mee" or "meep" (he "meeps" Honeydew's previous line "sadly temporary"). Although he can say normal words at times, such as " Bye-bye." His tone or expression helps to communicate his meaning. "Meep" and "mee" are pronounced to rhyme with "beep" and "bee", respectively.

“Morgana helped me see patterns in my life so we could identify and eliminate negative beliefs. Being
able to heal 12 years of stifling negativity and feeling half-alive in the month I worked with Morgana is truly miraculous!”

Monster Magnet - See You In HellMonster Magnet - See You In HellMonster Magnet - See You In HellMonster Magnet - See You In Hell