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interesting documentary, think they did a nice impartial (as far as documentary can go) representation of the family. however i do have to feel sorry for the girl being so indoctrinated into the idea of sin, that she has lose track of the message trying to be taught. i think anything being taken to such extremes becomes blinded by such black and white views. hopefully when she grows up a bit more and joins the rest of society she will see things clearer. i personally have no faith but respect people in their own beliefs, but this is a clear example of where the idea of hell has warped a young childs mind who wasnt ready to fully understand its implications. but on less serious note, i wonder if their son was hiding his possible homosexuallity from his family or if he was just quite camp.

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Glitch (13) - Everbody / MilkGlitch (13) - Everbody / MilkGlitch (13) - Everbody / MilkGlitch (13) - Everbody / Milk